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We bring actionable and immediate change in behavior, creating a learning culture that resonates throughout your organization.

20 Minutes at a Time

Welcome to Ripples, your gateway to action-based online learning. We believe in the power of the ripple effect. Small changes that make big impacts.

Our 20-minute or less, user-friendly digital capsules will revolutionize the way you and your team learn.

Bespoke Digital Capsules

No more long hours of monotonous learning. Dive into well-structured, high-quality digital capsules that captivate the learners ’attention and transform their mindset.

Get insightful and practical knowledge within minutes, leading to an instant impact on your day-to-day work life.

Engaging and Effective Learning

With our gamified learning environment, be ready for an exciting journey of growth.

Earn points, win badges, and rise through the ranks on our leaderboards. Feel the thrill of learning with our interactive quizzes and hands-on practice exercises.

Learn. Engage. Transform.

Join our community of dedicated learners. Our interface is designed for your convenience and supports both English & Arabic languages.

Each video is a complete mini course in itself, focused on a single topic, embellished with practical examples and demonstrations. Our content is designed for the average employee, the entrepreneur, and everyone in between. We aim to build a culture that loves to learn, leading to more motivated and productive teams.

Track Your Employees’ Growth

With our advanced reporting and analytics, monitor your employers’ learning progress. Ripples paves the way to achieve the learning goals and earn completion certificates upon progress, showing off  their commitment to personal development.

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Experience the transformation Ripples brings to your learning journey.

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It’s time to transform the way your employees learn.

Experience the transformation Ripples brings to your learning journey.

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